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Residential Arts
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Residential Art and Technology Studio, or RATS, started its first reaearch and development project in 2001 code-named Forgotten Greats. Forgotten Greats was a membership-based startup community designed primarily for fine artists to sell digital images of their art by showcasing high-quality, hand-touched (with paint) giclee reproductions. The methodology and technique for producing the reproductions was facilitated, researched, and developed by Residential Art and Technology Studio. Art became the basis for Residential Art and Technology Studio to host hundreds of events and build dozens of websites based on art, collage, form, and function.

Residential Art and Technology Studio opened its first official gallery and research and development center, a 3000 square foot space, in a loft community located in downtown Dallas, Texas in 2004. That location remained opened until 2014. Residential Art and Technology Studio moved into a bigger location of 7000 square feet located inside the Valley View Mall, Dallas, Texas in May, 2014 expanding to provide consultancy and digital products for more business startups. In 2016, Residential Art and Technology Studio began a project-based and meaningful learning project with young adults called the Bridge program. In 2019, RATS went completely virtual and mobile, to reach and assist larger institutions such as camps, schools, museums, festivals, and expos with research, development, directorship, consultancy, and implementations.

Slogan: Who Moved my Cheese?

RATS, or Residential Art and Technology Studio now does two things - (1) uses a blogger starter kit to train kids and adults on securitization of their information and (2) seeks to research and develop products for global problems by using meaningful learning and experiential learning techniques. RATS uses technology to implement meaningful learning and art to implement experiential learning in ways that empower people. This blog showcases some of these exploits as well as projects done by others.

Featured Food ProjectsLoose-leaf Teas and Deliciously Quick Snacks

Exotic Teas And Drinks

RATS is an Art and Tea Lounge that specializes in relaxing exotic teas and drinks that promise to satisfy.


Chicken Snacks - Catered on Demand

RATS seeks out the best grilled or flame-broiled chicken snacks in Dallas. RATS on-demand caters and serves chicken dishes.


12 in. Pizzas - Catered on Demand

RATS staff and members loves pizza. So we pick up pizzas for visitors and members that hang out with us. Call or email.


Salads - Catered on Demand

RATS knows that salads feed the mind. Thinkers need fuel so we cater salads with all the toppings. Call or email


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